PVOC Exemptions

CTI assists its members in processing applications for exemptions from Pre-Shipment. 

Verification to Conformity of Standards on imported raw materials, machines and spare parts.



Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC) is a conformity assessment procedure used to verify that products to be imported into Tanzania conform with applicable national standards before shipment. It is a conformity assessment and verification procedure for specific goods in exporting countries.

Before shipping to Tanzania, all consignments subject to PVoC must obtain the mandatory custom clearance documents and certificate of conformity (CoC) without which the commodities arriving at Tanzanian Ports will be rejected or fined.

PVOC Exemptions

CTI assist its members to process applications for exemptions from Pre-Shipment of Conformity to Standards on imported raw materials, machine and spare parts. Exemptions are granted to members whose products are certified by Tanzania Bureau of Standards. In order to get exemption a member must make a formal application to TBS through CTI and must submit a list of products with their respective HS CODES. The exemptions are strictly given to members who hold TBS licenses.


  • This has helped members to speed the process of clearing their consignments at the port of entries.
  • Reducing cost of clearing process.