The Confederation of Tanzania Industries


A Short History About CTI

The Confederation of Tanzania Industries is a Business Membership Organisation that was launched in July 1991. It is an independent, self-financed, legally constituted organisation that serves its members by speaking out on their behalf and generally representing their interests.

Given the unfriendly business environment that existed in 1990s, CTI identified few key issues as its priority for advocacy.  These included fiscal policy and taxation, the legal and regulatory framework, regional and multilateral trade arrangements, and infrastructure, mainly Electricity, Roads, Railways and Ports.

The main aim of CTI is to ensure that there is a conducive legal, financial and economic environment within which industry can operate effectively, prosper and contribute to national wealth and development. CTI has been very active in advocating for a conducive business environment for its members so that they can become competitive. 


Tanzania to be a modern open economy led by industrial growth and development.


To facilitate improvements of the business environment in Tanzania and assist Tanzania industrial competitiveness on the regional and global markets.

Members first

Our Values



The working objectives of the organization have been identified as follows.

  • To be a knowledge facilitator on matters related to industrial development of Tanzania.

  • To improve the business environment in Tanzania through evidence-based policy advocacy.

  • To provide its members with relevant information on business environment and business opportunities.

  • To engage and support CTI members and related associations and other business associations.
  • To assist the members in accessing new technology, including in particular, technology related to energy efficiency.


The Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) is recognized for its role as champion of the manufacturing industry. We have been working tirelessly for nearly thirty years to strengthen Tanzania’s economy and improve the business environment for our members.

CTI’s personality is communicated by its brand voice. Brand tone is reflected in our messages and takes into account what we are saying and the audience to whom we are communicating: members, government, partners, community groups, other stakeholders and the industry at large.


Our voice is appropriately straightforward, clear and to the point. We listen more than we talk, but when we talk, people listen. We speak clearly, truthfully and with authority—we don’t spin stories, exaggerate or over-promise. We demonstrate integrity and professional courage. We are thoughtful and take a considered approach in everything that we do.


We seek to serve as an approachable and supportive advocate for our members, which is reflected in the words that we choose. We work diligently to improve the business environment for our members. Although we often deal with complex issues, we strive to use familiar terms that all our audiences can understand.

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CTI is the bridge between industry and government, working to create an environment that is conducive to investment, so Tanzania can prosper.