Anjari Soda Factory Ltd

Anjari Soda Factory Ltd
Plot No 99/100/101 Gofu Chini Industrial Area
P.O. Box 25
+ 255 27 264 6798

Anjari Soda Factory Limited (ASFL), incorporated in 1960, is a well-established and reputed Soft Drinks & Syrups manufacturer in Tanga. ASFL is a family owned and run business that was started in the 1930s as a small sole proprietorship under its legendary founder, the Late Mulla Akberali Adamjee Anjari. Among its widely popular brands are Healtho and Cream Soda and Rose Concentrated Syrup. 

Prior to 2005, ASFL operated from within the central business district (CBD) area of Tanga town, on the junction of Customs/India Streets. The company had been operating from this location since its establishment. In 2005, ASFL shifted from its CDB premises to its current state of the art factory in Gofu industrial area of Tanga City 

Over the years, the company has experienced a rapid growth in demand of its products within the Tanga region, in Dar es Salaam, in neighboring towns of Moshi, Arusha and Morogoro and across the border in Mombasa. Some of its products have established markets in the Middle East as well. The rapid growth is largely attributed to increased production capacity as a result of installation of new machinery, improved distribution, and penetration in the large market areas such as Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Mwanza and Arusha. 

The products manufactured at present are: Soda in glass (300ml) and PET( 350ml) and Syrups in 1lt and 3lts. Coming soon is Q water- purified water in 500ml and 1lt packaging.


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