The President's Manufacturers of the Year Awards (PMAYA) stand as a testament to the exceptional contributions and achievements of companies in the manufacturing sector. This is an annual event that is organized by the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) to award outstanding industries.

These prestigious awards are a recognition of excellence, innovation, and commitment to quality that shape the economic landscape of Tanzania.Each year, PMAYA recognize outstanding companies that have demonstrated remarkable success in various aspects of manufacturing.  

From technological advancements to sustainable practices, these awards highlight the diverse facets that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the manufacturing industry. The awards are typically presented in multiple categories to ensure a comprehensive acknowledgment of excellence within the manufacturing sector. 

Categories include; beverages (alcoholic drinks), beverages (Non alcoholic drinks), chemicals and chemical processing, cigarette manufacturing, energy and renewable energy, electrical, electronics, machinery and equipment, food processing, insurance services, lubricant oil blending, plastic and rubber products, textiles and apparels, tobacco processing, metal and metal products, leather products and footwear, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, mineral and related products, motor vehicle assembling, motor vehicle and accessories, winner 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and overall winner among other categories.

PMAYA not only commend individual companies but also underscore the critical role that the manufacturing sector plays in driving economic growth. Manufacturing, being a key pillar of a nation's economy, significantly contributes to job creation, increased production, export revenue, technological advancement, and many other economic aspects. 

These awards serve as an inspiration for other manufacturing entities to strive for excellence. By showcasing best practices and success stories, the awards encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the manufacturing community.

PMAYA were officially established in 2005. The overall purpose of these awards is to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the importance and contribution of the Industrial Sector to the development of the country. The award ceremony provides an opportunity for members of CTI and other stakeholders to meet, discuss, and exchange experiences in advancing the industrial sector and the overall economy of the country.

The process of selecting winners;
Before the competition is launched each year, CTI requests both its members and non-members to obtain and fill out forms / questionnaires. These forms are available online or can be sent to members and other applicants via email, and they can also be collected in person at CTI offices.

After filling out the forms and paying the required fees, participants submit them to CTI for evaluation. 

As the members / non-members confirm their participation to the competition, CTI appoints a reputable consultant(s) to assess and evaluate the participants. At the end of the exercise, the consultant(s) are required to compile a comprehensive report for submission to the Secretariat.
Once appointed, the consultant(s) embark on visiting each participant to inspect, verify the information provided in the forms / questionnaires, and then assess, evaluate and select the winners.

The outcome of the assessment / evaluation exercise remains confidential until the day of the award ceremony. The awards are presented by the Guest of Honour, who is either the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and Patron of CTI, or his/her appointed representative.

PMAYA 17th edition 
The 17th edition of the PMAYA ceremony was held on December 17th, 2023, at the Super Dome Arena in Masaki dar es salaam, the guest of honor being HE Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of United Republic of Tanzania.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, President Samia praised CTI for consistently improving the PMAYA awards and commending its resilience and noting its ongoing efforts in enhancing the PMAYA awards. 

She highlighted CTI's stability over the years, contrasting it with many organizations that are established and fade away, and expressed the government's commitment to collaborating with the federation to address industrial challenges.

She remarked, “There are many associations formed, but they don't go far; they die. However, CTI has stood firm since its establishment and continues to grow stronger each day, championing the interests of industries effectively.”

Additionally, she praised CTI for consistently presenting the awards for 17 years and assured that the government would collaborate with the confederation to address industrial challenges. 

Regarding the electricity supply challenges faced by manufacturers, President Samia said work at the Julius Nyerere Power Plant was going on very well and announced plans to activate one of the nine installed power generators at the plant in January 2024 and another in April 2024. This initiative aims to ensure an adequate power supply and eliminate complaints about energy shortages.

She also mentioned that despite global statistics indicating a decline in the performance of the industrial sector worldwide over the past two years, Tanzania's data shows growth, albeit not at a substantial rate.

Statistics show that we are progressing well in the industrial sector. However, if there are challenges, the key now is to take swift actions to resolve them so that we can move forward at a faster pace," she stated. 

President Samia emphasized the need to reduce dependence on foreign raw materials for local industries and instead utilize materials available within the country.

She mentioned that if industries overcome this dependency, they will produce abundant and affordable products for both domestic and international markets, contributing to foreign currency earnings. 

President Samia expressed satisfaction in hearing about a car assembly plant in Mkuranga, Pwani region, which utilizes raw materials from Tanzania.

Addressing the shortage of US dollars, she stated that Tanzania's situation is favorable compared to neighboring countries and urged industrialists to boost production for export, generating more foreign currency.

She noted that the government has increased the daily allocation of US dollars for businesses from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in the recent months.

"In comparison to others, we have a bit of relief because we started with a daily limit of $500,000, increased to $1,000,000, and now it's $2,000,000 per day. Some of our neighbors don't even allow withdrawals of $500,000 per day," she said. 

The President explained that the government has taken measures to safeguard the existing foreign currency reserves, such as reducing imports and engaging in the cultivation of fast-selling crops for export.

“CTI and its members can greatly assist us in alleviating the dollar shortage by producing and exporting a substantial amount of goods,” President Samia urged. She mentioned that next year, Tanzania will be self-sufficient in sugar production and will export the surplus.

As regards the electronic tax stamps (ETS) issue, as presented by CTI Chairman, Mr. Paul Makanza that ETS costs were compelling manufacturers to increase prices of their products, making them uncompetitive.

President Suluhu said in response that the government was in talks with the ETS supplier and there are signs that the company will agree to lower the relevant costs and also, they are looking into the possibility of digitalizing ETS so that users could simply download them. 

“We have begun talks on the possibility of TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) using an electronic system for ETS that will enable users to download them. We, on the other hand, will be able to track the use of the stamps and get the requisite revenue.”

It was the first time the Head of State publicly spoke about the government’s readiness to address manufacturers’ concerns since ETS were introduced in 2019.

As we celebrate the 17th PMAYA edition, we also recognize the importance of fostering an environment that encourages innovation, sustainability, and global competitiveness within the manufacturing industry. 

Through these awards, we honor the dedication and ingenuity of manufacturers who contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of the nation.

Furthermore, CTI would like to express our much-felt gratitude to our sponsors, starting with our lead sponsor of this year’s event National Bank of Commerce Ltd (NBC). Other sponsors include Exim Bank, Motisun Group, Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC), Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), Stamico, MeTL Group, TotalEnergies, Kilimanjaro Cables Ltd, Alaf Limited, Hill Packaging, Plasco Ltd, Pet Recyclers Company Ltd, Bonite Bottlers, SBC (T) Ltd (Pepsi), Serengeti Breweries Ltd, Mati Super Brand, Elsewedy Electric East Africa, Bakhresa Group, Coca Cola Kwanza, Garda World, Mwananchi Communications Ltd, Watercom Ltd, Sino Tan Industrial Park, and Super Dome.

Congratulations to the winners of the 17th President's Manufacturer of the Year Awards (PMAYA). We hope you have a prosperous 2024 and are looking forward to having compete again at the 18th PMAYA, in which any manufacturer, member or not, is welcome to participate. 

Together, we can build a competitive manufacturing industry.

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