Regulatory Framework

Regulatory Authorities

The need to introduce legislation of regulatory system primarily aims at supervising and coordinating the economic activities under the free market economy. Specifically, correcting failures of market forces and protecting safety of consumers. In implementing this the government has established a number of regulatory authorities.  Some of the regulatory authorities include, just to mention a few, Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA), Weight and Measures Agency (WMA), Government Chemist Regulatory Authority (GCRA), Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA), Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) etc. All these regulatory bodies charge various levies and fees for the development of their operational costs. These levies increase cost of doing business in Tanzania. CTI is therefore advocating for harmonisation and rationalisation of fees and levies charged by these regulatory bodies in order to reduce costs of doing business in Tanzania.