This is How to do Business with Chinese

Dr. Adelhelm Meru, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industries, Trade and Investments
Ambassador Matilda Masuka, who before becoming ambassador worked at Tanzania embassy in China has said that Chinese people are good trading partners and advised Tanzanians not to be afraid of them.
Speaking at the Breakfast talk organized by the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) in Dar es Salaam recently, Ambassador Matilda said Tanzania could make beneficial trading with Chinese if they involved
government agencies.
“The Chinese have a custom of 100%, 30% upfront—that in any deal concluded for 100%, they tend to demand 30% of the deal/contact to be paid in advance” she said.
However, she advised that, Tanzania should bear in mind that after any deal had been concluded, the 30% should not be paid until the government agencies (from China or Tanzania) were involved.
She said that in most cases, whenever you strike a deal with many of the Chinese companies you might be dealing with either middlemen (people dealing with import/export) or interpreter.
The middlemen, she said may ruin your deal and meet unexpected odds, especially when no government agency from either Tanzania or China had been involved.
“Sometimes you may be told to go to deposit the money in an offshore bank in Hong Kong on pretext that business in the China mainland is expensive, Tanzanians should not accept such demand” she cautioned.
The participants underlined the fact that Tanzania needs to put its house in order by ensuring importers opt for quality products for the benefit of Tanzanians.